April 2015 Calendar of Events

Happy Easter Eagles Aerie 595

Eagles Aerie 595 April 2015

I’m not posting the calendar for this month. –April fools!

I’m not paying my taxes this year. — April fools!

I’m not going to dance on Main Street in a pink tutu. –April fools?!

“April hath put a spirit of youth in everything.”
– William Shakespeare

As you can tell this post is in support of our green growing, snow melting, rain pelting first month of Spring. a.k.a. April. Looks to me it’s filled with an explosion of events and activities that will bring in the sunnier portion of 2015 at The Eagles Aerie 595. Pulled pork on a monday, sloppy joes, beer pong, and an Easter Sunday Breakfast that’s sure to fuel some egg hunting youngsters.



March 2015 Calendar of Events

Good day you blarney stones!! It’s March!!! And that means, Spring, St. Patties Day and Spring! Did I mention Spring? Could’ve fooled me with this sudden burst of winter holding on like the government holding on to my tax return. Where’s my refund already?! Any who, it looks like march is filled with some fun shenanigans like mardi gras parties, and ladies night every single saturday night of the month. Lots of great meals as well. I’m salivating with the thoughts of Brat Mac ‘n’ Cheese. Head to Eagles Aerie 595 this month and enjoy the affordable festivities, food and beverages.


March 2015 Calendar



February 2015 Calendar

Call to order! I have the February calendar! Who am I you ask? I am he who has the Eagles Aerie 595 Blogging power!!! << Note the excessive use of punctuation to emphasize my emotional attachment to the presentation of this months calendar of events. I would like to read it off aloud to all those who will listen, but alas, I only have the power of the pen, or in this case, the Logitech Wireless Solar-powered keyboard. Without even looking at the calendar I can predict a French Toast Sunday breakfast, 4 burger nights, 4 Tacos & Trivia,  and a super-sweet sweetheart Valentines Dinner & Dance on Saturday (Feb 14 a.k.a. Valentines Day for those of you living under a dusty leather gym shoe from the 1910s). I foresee Beer Pong and an Indoor Cornhole Tournament for you wimps who don’t want to be cold on the last day of February even though we’re breaching the 60s in January this year. Okay okay, I have to admit, I looked at the Calendar, I’m not a psychic for god’s sake! So if you are into kicking off a double “Friday the 13th” in 2015 with some Lasagna by Sandra & Jean, a Pick Me drawing and some pitch perfect Karaoke the Eagles Aerie 595 is your place.

February 2015 Calendar of Events